Types of Services

At CHASA Taxis, we offer much more than just the normal taxi services. We offer:

  • Taxi Services – We have dedicated vehicles on the road to get you from A to B in an affordable, comfortable manner.
  • Hire Car Services – If you need a vehicle that is not a standard Taxi, we can provide those also.
  • Special Requests and Events Services – If you are looking for a certain vehicle for an event such as a wedding, we can help organise that for you.
  • Fare Information – You can find Taxi Fare Information here.
  • Airport Information – You can visit the Coffs Harbour Airport website here.
  • Payments – You can pay for your fare by Cash, Card (Chip / Swipe / Tap & Go) or Account.
  • Passenger Safety – We have the latest in Camera technology to ensure our passengers are safe.
  • Tourist Info – You can find more information here.
  • Text On Approach – You will get a Text on Approach when your Driver is about to arrive.
  • Vehicle Tracking – No matter how you book your vehicle, you will be able to track your vehicle as it makes it’s way to you!
  • Business Accounts – Contact us to inquire about setting up an Account with CHASA Taxis.